The Melee Clearance Sale

The New Year Melee Clearance Sale

Ends Friday 27th January

To usher in 2023 we are presenting our New Year Melee Clearance Sale. Shop our melee discounts now and make more margin on the items you'll be selling later.

The minimum total order size to qualify for promotion prices is 1ct. 

Order online by selecting the specifications you require or speak to an expert by calling 646 569 3675  (Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm EST) or email 

Order online or call (646) 569 3675 , email or shop the sale - HERE

Get 30% Off Your First Order

New customers can get 30% OFF their first melee or jewelry purchase, up to $500 total savings by using code 'NEW 30' on the phone, via email or online.

Receive Orders Within 24 Hours

All melee orders ship using FedEx priority for next day delivery. Local customers can order and pick up the same day. We offer free returns.


If you want to know how to calculate diamond weights click here.