The Ultimate Guide: Where and How to Sell Your Fine Jewelry for the Highest Payout and Safest Transaction

The Ultimate Guide: Where and How to Sell Your Fine Jewelry for the Highest Payout and Safest Transaction


These days, you have a variety of options through which you can sell fine jewelry. But these options are not all equally profitable—let alone safe. As you research where and how you might sell your fine jewelry, your top priority should always be determining how to find a reputable buyer. 


This is true no matter the reasons you have for selling your jewelry. Whether you’re looking to downsize your collection and free up some space, find some emotional closure, or simply make some money by selling old or unused pieces, where and how you sell your jewelry will make all the difference.   


While everyone’s situations are unique, reasons to sell your jewelry online may include:


- Experiencing a life change. After a divorce, a death in the family, or a prolonged time of financial hardship, you may find yourself in a position to sell some old jewelry.

- Upgrading to a newer piece. “Out with the old and in with the new” is always an exciting reason to consider selling your fine jewelry. 

- Changes in personal style or taste. Over time, the tastes, trends, and sensibilities that inform your jewelry purchases will naturally change. When that time comes, it only makes sense to sell some of your designer jewelry to keep up-to-date with your current style. 


Whatever your reasons for taking this step, selling your jewelry can prove a tricky endeavor. 


There are quite a few steps involved in the process, including determining the value of the jewelry you plan to sell, deciding where to sell it, learning how to prepare your pieces for sale, negotiating with the buyer for the best price, and ensuring a safe and secure transaction.


This all sounds very complicated. But not to worry.


When the time comes for you to sell jewelry online, White Pine is here to help. We’re here to help you understand the process, recognize potential pitfalls, and make a plan to get the best value for your jewelry. 


How to Determine the Value of Your Fine Jewelry

Before you consider selling your fine jewelry, you may want to determine its baseline value. That way you will know if the offers you receive are high, low, or on average with what you might expect. 

Various factors that determine the value of fine jewelry include:


- Type of metal: Gold, silver, platinum, and other types of metal all have different values. You can expect this to affect the payment you can expect. The more valuable the metal, the more you can expect to earn when you sell it. 

- Gemstones: Gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies generally increase the overall value of your jewelry item, but not in equal measure. The type, quality, and amount of gemstones will always affect the bottom line. The higher the quality, the greater the value—and vice versa. 

- Craftsmanship: Who made the jewelry in question and the level of craftsmanship involved can also determine the value of your fine jewelry. If your piece comes from a designer brand, is an antique, or has other special considerations, you may expect higher offers in the resale marketplace. If your jewelry piece is mass-produced, however, it may only be worth the intrinsic value of its elements (gold, silver, etc.). 


One way to determine the value of your jewelry is to seek an appraisal.  There are three standard types of appraisals you may consider. 

But before we dive in, it’s important to know that you can get a free valuation (and final offer) of your fine jewelry from White Pine and save yourself the time and energy it takes to get any of these appraisals. 

Plus, White Pine’s valuation and offer will be more accurate since it’s based on actual market value rather than theoretical market value, like in the appraisals below. Let’s get in to the different types of appraisals. 


1 - Insurance apprasial 

First, you could consider an insurance appraisal: Most simply, a jewelry appraisal is an evaluation of what your jewelry is worth. You hire an appraiser who inspects your item, looking for key characteristics that may affect the price, such as metal type, gemstones, and other significant aspects of the item’s design. Once finished, the appraiser gives you an appraisal certificate. This certificate confirms the value of the item and acts as proof that you are its owner.


2- Estate appraisal 

Additionally, your jewelry could be valued during an estate appraisal. An estate appraisal is most likely to occur in the event of a death. In that case, the jewelry will likely be evaluated as part of a larger estate. 


3 - Market value appraisal 

Finally, you could factor in a fair market value appraisal. This type of appraisal seeks to determine how much money a buyer is likely to spend on your jewelry in the open market.  When seeking to work with a reputable appraiser to gain insight into the resale value of your jewelry, always consider the following factors:


- Credentials and experience. Always work with appraisers who hold certifications or memberships with professional organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS).

- Professional affiliations. Reputable jewelry buyers will always have equally reputable business partners. Lack of partners (or transparency about partners) is a major red flag. 

- Online reviews and ratings. Without a visible track record of satisfied sellers, how can you be sure you will have a positive experience working with any particular jewelry buyer? Always do your due diligence by reading through a variety of consumer reviews. You may even want to check the buyer’s rating with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. 


Here at White Pine Diamonds, we are fully transparent about our buying process and currently enjoy a 4.8-star customer approval rating.


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Where to Sell Your Fine Jewelry

When looking for a jewelry buyer, there are a few steps you can take to avoid red flags and find the most reputable buyers.


Step 1: Know your options

Not all types of jewelry buyers are the same. Before making your choice, know the pros and cons of each. 


Pawn shops

Pawn shops can offer quick cash, but you’re not likely to get as much value for your jewelry as you could elsewhere. This is particularly true if you have antique jewelry burning a hole in your jewelry box. If speed is your top priority, however, turning to a pawn shop may be expedient.


Jewelry stores

Some jewelry stores and jewelers will offer you more money for your jewelry than pawn shops will—especially if you are seeking to sell vintage jewelry. However, a local jewelry store will still likely buy for a fraction of what your pieces are worth. If getting the most for your jewelry is your top priority, it may be worth bypassing both pawn shops and jewelry stores. 


Specialized online jewelry buyers

When looking to sell your fine jewelry, specialized online buyers like White Pine can provide a secure and reliable option, and often the most money for your used jewelry. These buyers offer accurate valuations (at the national level rather than the local), fast and discreet transactions, and have customer protection policies in place to ensure a fair deal.


Online marketplaces

While selling online through marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace offer a convenient way to sell your engagement ring, they also pose certain risks such as the possibility of fraudulent transactions and inadequate protection. It's important to conduct thorough research and check reviews before utilizing these platforms.


Step 2: Research tips for finding reputable buyers

Even if you are in a pinch and time is of the essence, it is in your best interest to take time to research some tips to help you find reputable buyers. 

Even steps as simple as reading consumer reviews, checking for associations and certifications, or looking a potential up on the Better Business Bureau website can go a long way toward helping you avoid scammers. 

Your due diligence will serve you well in the long run.


Step 3: Understand the selling process

Understanding the selling process and knowing what to expect from each type of buyer can give you a baseline from which to determine whether the buyer you are working with is on the level. 

The steps for selling your jewelry to a pawn shop, a jewelry store or a jeweler, and to an online buyer—whether an individual or a specialized online buyer—can differ. 

Reading up on each process and knowing what to expect can both increase your confidence and help you avoid potential pitfalls and shady deals. 

In most cases, working with specialized online buyers is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to sell your old jewelry. Checking their certifications, affiliations, and customer ratings is quick and easy, and they are often in the position to offer you the highest value for your pieces.  If you’re looking for a specialized online buyer for your unwanted jewelry, White Pine is an obvious choice. Schedule a virtual appointment with us and get started today. 


How to Prepare Your Fine Jewelry for Sale

To get the best value for your jewelry, be sure it shows itself to the best advantage. 


Cleaning and Storing

How you choose to clean and store your jewelry can help it retain its greatest value. 

You may want to clean your pieces with a soft brush and mild soap, avoiding any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Storing jewelry in a cool, dry place can prevent unnecessary tarnishing.


Providing Documentation

Proper documentation protects your investment and proves the value of your pieces. 

Having this documentation on hand and in good order helps speed the selling process along and gives you leverage by which you can ask for what the jewelry is worth. 

For example, documentation can prove that your diamonds are natural or mined rather than lab-grown. Since natural diamonds are worth much more than lab-grown diamonds, providing documentation for your fine jewelry is a critical step in making sure you get the best value when selling.  Documentation to gather before selling your jewelry can include the following: 


-Receipts. Receipts not only demonstrate proof of purchase (implying that you are the owner and have the right to sell the jewelry) but also provide documentation of the original purchase price. 

-Certificates. Certification—particularly GIA certification—can go a long way toward proving the quality and authenticity of your jewelry. This is especially true if you are selling diamonds or precious gemstones. 

-Appraisals. Records of official appraisals provide an outside evaluation of value.  


Whether you are planning to sell loose diamonds, completed jewelry sets, antique or vintage jewelry, or anything else, the way in which you prepare for the sale can lay the groundwork for getting the best value for your assets. 


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How to Ensure a Safe and Secure Transaction

When selling jewelry, the first and best step toward ensuring a safe and secure transaction is to check the buyer’s credentials. Of course, working with a well-established pre-owned diamond jewelry buyer like White Pine can remove the stress from the entire process of selling fine jewelry. Here are some other important tips: 


Check each company’s business licenses and permits

These should be readily available, in order, and up-to-date. Any buyer who does not transparently provide such information is suspect. 


Read references, referrals, and reviews

A buyer with an established industry reputation will make references, referrals, and consumer reviews readily available—just like White Pine does. If a buyer is not fully forthcoming or does not make such items available even upon request, the safety and security of your transaction could be suspect. 


Confirm the physical address and phone number

In the event that you work with a buyer through an online marketplace like Facebook or eBay, this step is absolutely critical. Always confirm the physical address and phone number provided before moving forward. If you are unable to confirm either one, do not proceed with the sale. 

Why White Pine Is the Best Place to Sell Your Fine Jewelry

If you’re ready to sell your fine jewelry today, White Pine is your best choice. Here’s a little more about us and what makes us a national leader in the diamond jewelry industry. 


Our Background

Our mission since 2010 has been to revolutionize the jewelry industry through the use of natural recycled diamonds, which has helped to increase awareness of their value and sustainability. In addition to buying and selling diamond jewelry, we also offer diamond recutting, sorting, custom work, settings, special orders, and diamond testing.


Our Transparent Buying Process 

Our buying process is simple and streamlined, consisting of four phases: 


1- Submit a request for a quote on your jewelry

First, submit a request for a quote by providing information about your jewelry and any relevant certifications or appraisals. 


2- Receive a quote within 1 business day

Within one business day, we'll email you a quote based on the information you provide. 


3- Ship your jewelry to us for an official valuation

If you accept the quote, you can ship your jewelry to us for an official valuation. 


4- Accept the offer and receive your payment

Once we evaluate the physical characteristics of your jewelry and agree on an offer, we'll mail you a check or process a bank transfer for a small fee.


The Benefits of Working with White Pine

There are many online diamond jewelry buyers out there, but White Pine stands out for two key reasons.  First, our overall process is unmatched in terms of speed, accuracy, and competitive prices. 

Second, we specialize solely in the diamond and jewelry industry, providing a level of expertise and focus that is hard to find elsewhere. Don't just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews to see why so many people choose White Pine as their diamond buyer of choice.


The Bottom Line

- Buying and selling jewelry on your own can be complicated—not to mention stressful

- To sell fine jewelry for the best possible payout without getting scammed, work with certified, reputable buyers like White Pine

- A trustworthy buyer like White Pine can ensure a fair offer and ensure a safe and secure transaction


White Pine Is Here to Help 

Selling fine jewelry doesn’t have to be stressful. Especially not when you work with a buyer you can trust. 

Get a free quote from White Pine’s diamond buying services today!