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  1. Shop 4 Incredible Diamond Jewelry Black Friday Specials

    Shop 4 Incredible Diamond Jewelry Black Friday Specials





    30 Day Terms On All Orders. To order you must call (646) 569 3675, 9AM - 5.30PM EST or email To shop online use the product links below and enter the exact specifications listed below to get the Black Friday promotion price. Orders deliver in 2 business days. 

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  2. 150 New GIA Certified Diamonds Now Available

    Select From Our Expanded GIA Certified Inventory

    We have recently added 150 GIA certs, all offered at very competitive prices.

    Find the stones that match your precise requirements. 7 Day memos are available on all stones. Our GIA certs sell quickly, so you can check the latest stock on Rapnet or go to our Certified Diamond page.

    Rapnet ID 113702

    Speak to an expert and order by calling (646) 569 3683 or email
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  3. Shop The Melee Clearance Sale

    The Melee Clearance Sale

    Extended - Now Ends Nov 11th

    As the Holidays approach we are presenting our Melee Clearance Sale so you can access diamond production inventory for less and make more margin on seasonal sales. The sale is a week long, so shop now to avoid disappointment. 

    Order online or call (646) 569 3675 and email for assistance. 

    Shop The Clearance Sale here

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  4. Your Most Frequently Asked Jewelry Questions Answered 

    Your Most Frequently Asked Jewelry Questions Answered 

    We recently updated our jewelry FAQs regarding our products, services and expertise.  Here they are in one place,  reach out to us at with any questions you might have. 


    Jewelry FAQ's


    1. Where Can I See Your Jewelry Inventory?

    On our website! View the latest acquisitions and closeout jewelry in the Estate & One-of-a-Kind section and our line of essential diamond jewelry in the Essential Diamond Jewelry section. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with of our sales reps who will visit you in person or make a virtual appointment by emailing us at


    2. Are The Prices Available Online?

    Yes. You must create an account, which can easily be done by providing your name, phone #, email, and business name

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  5. Your Most Frequently Asked Diamond Questions Answered 

    Your Most Frequently Asked Diamond Questions Answered 

    We thought it would be a great time to update our FAQs with questions specifically about our diamonds products and service. So here they are and reach out to us at with more questions. 


    1. Where Do Your Recycled Diamonds Come From?

    We exclusively buy our goods from the trade. We buy from pawnshops, retailers, diamond dealers, and manufacturers. We do on occasion buy goods from the market to fill in if we are short supply in certain areas from trusted, ethically sourced diamond companies.


    2. What Are Your Diamond Makes Like?

    Consistency and quality of our recycled diamonds is one of our main priorities and why our customer base remains loyal. Our recycled diamonds are exactly as advertised. We categorize our diamonds

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  6. Overstock Specials - Get 15% OFF Select Melee Sizes and Qualities - Ends Aug 31st

    Overstock Specials - Ends Aug 31st

    A fantastic opportunity to stock up now and make extra profit on the products you'll be selling in the Fall and through Holiday season. See the price card below for the sizes and qualities being offered in this special, all diamonds are Round Full Cuts. Prices shown reflect the 15% discount and all sales are final for promotion items.

    Order online or call (646) 569 3675 and email for assistance. 

    Shop melee sizes here

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  7. Our CAD Service Brings Your Jewelry Ideas To Life

    Our CAD Service Brings Your Jewelry Ideas To Life

    Quality Products Delivered In 2 Weeks:

    Bring your ideas and designs to life with our world-class CAD production service. The service is perfect for jewelers, designers, brands and manufacturers, looking to create custom engagement rings, diamond fashion jewelry and more. Complex, custom designs can be made with stunning precision and entire projects can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. Our prices are highly competitive and all work is completed in the USA. 

    How It Works:

    1. Provide us with information about the style that you are looking to create. This can be a sketch or image.
    2. Provide details of any stones that you want to use. Detailed measurements are required. A scan of the stone showing the shape and/or copies of any certificates are ideal. 
    3. We will contact you to discuss
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