Which Melee Diamond Shapes Are Popular In Jewelry Production?


Which Melee Diamond Shapes Are Popular In Jewelry Production?


The selection of style is dependent on one's taste and preferences. When it comes to crafting exceptional customized jewelry pieces, utilizing the various melee diamond shapes appropriately and creatively can make a significant difference in standing out. Melee diamonds come in several shapes, making them versatile. Each fancy shape offers a unique style and appearance. Whether you prefer a traditional or more imaginative design, continue reading to discover what each shape has to offer.


Some of the commonly used shapes are as follows:


- Round melee diamonds: These diamonds have a classic round shape and are commonly used as accents in settings like pave' and halo. They are also widely featured on engagement ring bands.

- Princess cut melee diamonds: These diamonds are square, not rectangular, and have a table size and depth that must match. They start at 1.5mm and are available in various sizes.

- Tapered baguette melee diamonds: These diamonds have a trapezoid shape, which makes them perfect for pairing with curved pieces or using in three-stone settings. However, their wide variety in exact shape and size makes matching them a difficult task.

- Oval shaped melee: Oval-shaped diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in eternity bands. They have minimal reflections when cut expertly, but the hardest part about matching them is their outline.

- Pear shaped melee: Like oval diamonds, finding a good outline is crucial when it comes to pear-shaped diamond melee. Ensuring that they have minimal bowtie reflections and that the width, length, and curves match can be challenging.

- Marquise melee: Marquise melee diamonds are available in various sizes, and they look fantastic in eternity bands. However, it's essential to inspect them for chips and minimal bowtie reflections.

- Others: There are also other melee diamond shapes like the emerald cut diamonds, straight baguette melee diamonds, and trillion-cut melee diamonds.


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