Diamond Sorting Services


Diamond Sorting

White Pine processes tens of thousands of carats of recycled diamond every year and will sort your stock, quickly and efficiently. Our experts sort fancies and rounds by color, clarity and cut to GIA grading standards. We can also boil your diamonds if necessary.

Our service will save you valuable time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business and the rates are very competitive and produce positive ROIs. 


Increase Value Through Diamond Sorting

Increase the value of your diamond stock by utilizing White Pine’s diamond sorting services. We will prepare custom, tailor-made assortments at your direction so you can maximize the value of your parcels.

We can also purchase any inventory that you no longer wish to keep.

The whole process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Email info@whitepinediamonds.com or call +1 646 569 3680 for pricing.