Diamond Testing Services


About Diamond Testing Services

White Pine offers diamond testing services to check that your diamonds and parcels are natural and contain no synthetic stones. We use the De Beers Synth Detect machine that allows us to carefully, yet efficiently, identify each stone as either natural or synthetic. We’re constantly testing our own stock of natural recycled diamonds, thousands of carats each month. Diamond testing results will be provided within 2 business days that the goods are received.

We are able to sort out any synthetic stones from your parcel if necessary, to leave you with 100% natural diamonds. Our machine can test for HPHT with 100% accuracy. It is possible that the machine picks out diamonds as synthetic that may be natural. In these instances, we will pull the stones aside to be cautious, but further testing at a diamond lab can confirm the stones as either synthetic or natural. The finished product that you will receive using our testing service is a parcel of 100% natural diamonds, and a parcel of any synthetic or questionable diamond found through the testing process.

For rates or to inquire about our diamond testing service call us at (646) 758 0255 or email info@whitepinediamonds.com