Diamond & Estate Jewelry Buying Services


Sell Your Diamonds & Jewelry To White Pine


Increase Profit and Improve Cash Flow by Selling Estate Jewelry and Breakout or Loose Diamonds for Immediate Payment


How It Works

Step 1 - Fill in the form below - Add details and pictures of the items and we will contact you with an estimate in as little as two business days. The more information you provide us, the more accurate the estimate will be.


What We Buy

ANTIQUE & ESTATE PIECES + Diamond Jewelry - We purchase pre-owned jewelry both branded and unbranded from the trade. Bracelets, engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, watches and more are among the items that we buy. As recyclers of diamonds and jewelry, we value your items at more than just scrap gold, which is why we're able to offer higher prices than other jewelry and diamond buyers.

LOOSE DIAMONDS - We purchase breakout melee, certified and uncertified diamonds, fancy shape diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, single stones and more. As recyclers of natural diamonds, that recut and redistribute to retailers in the US, we eliminate a lot of middlemen!  This allows us to pay higher prices than traders and flippers.  We use as much of what we buy as we can in our Melee on Demand program and our jewelry production.


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