Diamond Setting Services


About Diamond Setting Services

White Pine manufactures thousands of pieces of its essential diamond jewelry locally in New York City using our stock of natural recycled diamonds. We use some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced jewelers to set our jewelry and we’re offering the same opportunity for all our customers to take advantage of.

Send us in your mountings and castings and we’ll have our expert jewelers set, polish, finish, or remove the stones to your specific requirements. You can either send us the diamonds for the pieces or we can supply from our recycled melee diamond stock. All setting jobs take approximately 1 week to complete. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and any additional work on a piece required is free of charge.

We can handle any quantity of pieces you need set and look forward to bringing your layouts and custom pieces to life. We can ship the finished pieces back to you with overnight delivery or can drop ship directly and discretely to your customer right from our office.

View our labor prices here. Call us at (646) 758 0255 or email info@whitepinediamonds.com to inquire about our setting service.

Diamond Setting