General FAQs:


1. What if I don’t like some or all of what I received? 

We have a hassle free return policy. If you need to return your diamonds for whatever reason, whether the size was off, the quality was not up to standard, you have extra diamonds, or you just need to swap out for something else, whatever the case may be, White Pine Wholesale accepts all returns of diamonds at no incurred cost to you.


2. How can I place an order?

There are several ways to order recycled melee diamonds from us. i. Website - Click here to visit our melee diamonds page where you can enter exactly what you need. ii. Phone - Call us at 646-758-0255 and one of our team members would be happy to assist with getting your diamond order placed. iii. Email - Send an email to sales@whitepinediamonds.com with the shape, millimeter size, either stone count or carat weight, and color/clarity of what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can confirming your order


3. What are my options for shipping? 

We offer FedEx next day delivery for $35 or FedEx 2nd day delivery for $17. 2nd Day delivery is only available for orders under $1000. Anything exceeding $1000 in value is shipped for next day delivery. Canadian shipments are $100 and rest of world shipments are quoted per order.


4. When I place my order, how soon will it be ready?  

We offer same day pickup for our local New York City customers. All other customer we ship orders the same day they are received so you will either receive your order the next day. We do have a 4pm Eastern shipping time cutoff, so orders received after that deadline may not ship that same day.


5. What forms of payment do you accept?

We take several forms of payment. Check, cash, bank wire, credit/debit card, or electronic checks. If you wish to pay via credit card there is a 3.5% surcharge added on. Please also note you are responsible for any additional bank charges with regards to wire transfers.


6. Are the prices negotiable?

No, melee prices are listed on a per carat basis and are not negotiable.


7. How do I know White Pine Wholesale is a trustworthy supplier?

White Pine Wholesale is one of the leading recycled diamond and jewelry companies in the industry. Our experts have over 50 years experience in the industry and have built many meaningful relationships and partnerships with some of the leading figures in the industry. We also like to let our customers vouch for us, click here to see the reviews our customers have left us.


Melee FAQs:


1. Where do your recycled diamonds come from?

The majority of our melee diamonds are natural recycled diamonds. These diamonds are ethically sourced from across the jewelry industry. We buy from businesses that buy back from the public such as jewelers, pawn shops and at diamond auction. In addition, we buy from jewelry brands/manufacturers who are looking to close out of their stock.


2. What are the cut grades of your diamonds?

Our diamonds are VG or EX cut by GIA standards. After purchase, we assort all diamonds very carefully and any diamonds that do not meet this standard are sent to our factory for re-manufacture. All re-manufacturing is done at our factory in India.


3. What color are your diamonds?

Our melee diamond price card is for G/H color diamonds. We are very selective in the diamonds used in our melee program. If you need higher or lower colors we can accommodate that request upon request. DEF color would be a 10% premium higher than the prices on the price card, and IJ color is a 10% discount from the prices on the price card.


4. How do I know your diamonds are natural and not lab-grown?

As a recycler of natural diamonds, we take the utmost care and time to thoroughly test all of our diamonds. We do this using the DeBeers Synth Detect machine. Each parcel of diamonds goes through several checks before ever being put into stock. We check all parcels before purchasing, when they return from being recut, and when we get returns from customers. We stand by our product and go the extra mile to ensure that our diamonds are 100% natural.


5. Why is there a premium charged for ordering matched millimeters in the pointers (1/5ths and larger)? 

We charge a 5% premium for ordering 5 or more stones with matching millimeters in our 1/5th size parcels and larger. The reason being is that most people tend to order the prime sizes in a parcel, which generally speaking are the larger millimeter and higher carat weight stones in that size range, which have value than the smaller stones.

When we are buying pointers by size range, they come in a variety of millimeter sizes and weights (i.e 1/5s range from 0.17cts-0.22cts). Each size range has “prime sizes” and “off sizes”. We will sell through the prime sizes of the parcel and be left with the off sizes of the parcel. In order to clear out our stock and make room for new fresh goods, we will sell these off sizes at an extremely competitive price, usually for a loss. To balance out the cost of the parcel, this is why we charge a premium for 5 or more diamonds with matching millimeters in the pointers.


6. Where can I find your melee prices? 

You can email orders@whitepinediamonds.com to request a price card, or you can visit our website and see our melee price card under the melee diamonds section of the diamonds tab or click here.


7. Are all of your diamonds recycled? 

Almost all orders are fulfilled using recycled diamonds. We repurpose as much of the diamonds that we buy as we can in our melee stock and jewelry production. There are exceptional circumstances where we must fill in from the market for special orders or requests. We offer customers who exclusively require recycled diamonds the option to do so.


8. Do you only have rounds, or do you offer fancy shapes? 

We offer several different fancy shapes including princess cuts, marquise, tapered and straight baguettes, ovals, emeralds, and pear shapes.  We also have a great selection of matched fancy pairs that make perfect side stones for custom rings or pair of earrings – shapes include half-moons, trapezoids, bullets, kites, pears, emeralds, radiants, ovals, pie slices, and baguettes.


9. Do you have any minimum order requirements? 

No – whether you need 1 stone or 1000 stones, you can order the exact number of diamonds you need for your project and production.


Jewelry FAQ's


1. Where can I see your jewelry inventory?

On our website! View the latest acquisitions and closeout jewelry in the Estate & One-of-a-Kind section and our line of essential diamond jewelry in the Essential Diamond Jewelry section. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with of our sales reps who will visit you in person or make a virtual appointment by emailing us at sales@whitepinediamonds.com


2. Are the prices available online?

Yes. You must create an account, which can easily be done by providing your name, phone #, email, and business name to access prices online.


3. Where does your jewelry come from?

Our estate and one of a kind jewelry comes from manufacturer closeouts and consumer buyback from retailers, jewelry auctions, and estates. Our essential diamond jewelry line is manufactured locally in New York using recycled diamonds.


Certified Diamonds FAQs:

1. What laboratory do you use to certify your diamonds?

All of our certified diamonds come with a GIA grading report.


2. How long am I allowed to work with the diamond?

We allow customers to work with certified stones on a 7 day memo.


3. What payment terms do you offer?

We offer a 3% discount for COD payment or Net 30 days. 

Jewelry Production FAQs:

1. What setting types can you do?

Split prong, Prong, Bezel, Channel, Pave.


2. How long does production take?

Once the CAD is complete, production usually takes 7-10 days. This includes casting, polishing, setting and finishing.


3. Can I get an estimate?

Yes, we can provide a detailed estimate in advance of production.


4. Do you warrantee your production work?

Yes, all production work is warranteed 1 year from delivery.

Jewelry Repairs FAQs:

1. What kinds of repairs do you offer?

We offer stone setting/replacement, ring resizing, polishing and finishing..


2. How long do repairs take?

Up to 1 business week. We generally say expect your jobs to be completed within 1 week of White Pine receiving your item(s) for repairs/setting.


3. Can you warrantee your repair work?

Unfortunately, not. Repairing other people’s production is very tricky, we can not be responsible for the original makers poor craftsmanship. For this reason, we can only be responsible for the specific work that we do. So, for example if we re-attach a chain, we can not be then responsible if a stone falls out at a later date. In addition, if we work on something it is very possible that additional problems are found.


1. What do I need to provide to get the process started?

Provide White Pine with either a replica image, sketch, or detailed description of the piece you’re trying to create. You can email us at orders@whitepinediamonds.com


2. How long do CADs take?

It can take 3-5 days to receive your CAD and an additional 10-14 days once the CAD is approved for you to receive the finished product. Very complex pieces can take longer, but we can discuss this in advance of the project.


3. What kinds of items can you make with our CAD services?

Engagement Rings, Bands, Pendants, Earrings, Complex pieces – we can make complex pieces with custom designs.


Diamond Sorting FAQs:

1.How long does diamond sorting take?

Sorting jobs take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on the volume of the assortment.


2.How much does diamond sorting cost?

We charge per carat based on size, please email info@whitepinediamonds.com for the latest price list.


3. Do you have a minimum amount required to send in for sorting?

No minimum amount – send us whatever parcel you need sorted along with instructions of how you’d like our expert gemologists to sort the parcel for you.


Selling To White Pine FAQs:


1.How do I go about selling my items to White Pine?

You can visit our website and fill out our “Sell Your Diamonds & Jewelry To White Pine” form, including any details of your item along with images, certificates, or appraisals. From there someone on our team will contact you and initiate the buying process. Email buying@whitepinediamonds.com with your item and any details available and someone on our team will respond to initiate the buying process.


2. Do you buy uncut (rough) diamonds and lab-grown diamonds?

No – White Pine only purchases natural polished diamonds. Any raw, uncut or lab-grown diamonds we will not offer on.


3. What kinds of items do you buy?

a. Loose Diamonds (certified and non-certified)
b. Melee diamonds
c. Gold and diamond jewelry (earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, necklaces, etc.)
d. Estate jewelry
e. Scrap gold


4. How do I send in my items?

a. White Pine Wholesale will provide a shipping label for all items initially valued at $500 or more. Anything below the $500 minimum threshold must be self-shipped and insured.
b. If you do not accept our final offer, we ship your item back to you for next day delivery at no charge.


5. Are there any hidden fees or commissions when I agree to sell my item?

No, there are no hidden fees or commissions after you agree to our final offer. The total amount you agree to is the total amount you will receive from us.


6. How do I know your offer is competitive?

Our gemologists have decades of experience working in the diamond and jewelry industry and specifically in the second-hand market and have their fingers on the pulse of the market. We keep our overhead extremely low, which allows us to offer more than some of our more visible competitors who spend very significantly on marketing and payroll.


7. What are my options for receiving payment?

a. Mailed check via USPS - Free
b. Zelle - Free
c. Check sent via FedEx Overnight ($35 deducted from agreed amount)
d. Check sent via FedEx 2nd Day ($17 deducted from agreed amount)
e. Bank wire ($35 deducted from agreed amount)