Jewelry Appraisal Services


About Jewelry Appraisal Services


Jewelry Appraisals:

White Pine offers professional appraisal services for jewelry items, primarily for insurance purposes. Customers can send in their jewelry to be evaluated by expert evaluators.


Expertise and Evaluation Process:

The evaluators at White Pine have decades of experience in valuing and appraising jewelry. They conduct a thorough evaluation of each item, ensuring a fair and honest market valuation. The process includes:

> Testing the metal with a Thermo Scientific tester.

> Weighing the item for gram weight.

> Evaluating each stone according to strict GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards helps in getting accurate grading and determining the total diamond weight.


Diamond Testing:

Diamonds in the jewelry are tested using the DeBeers Synth Detect machine to determine if they are natural or synthetic.


Additional Services:

Besides appraisals for insurance purposes, White Pine also assists with insurance replacement values and claims.


Cost and Turnaround Time:

Each appraisal is priced at $50 per item, with a promise of completion in as little as two business days.


Contact Information:

For more details or specific inquiries, customers can contact Ben Burne at (646) 569 3680 or via email at

This service seems ideal for individuals looking to get a reliable and professional valuation of their jewelry for insurance purposes or personal knowledge.


Jewelry Appraisal