About White Pine


White Pine was founded in 2010 by Benjamin Burne, aiming to revolutionize the jewelry industry's utilization of natural recycled diamonds. As an industry leader, White Pine spearheads the expansion and sustainability narrative of the recycled diamond sector, contributing positively to North American employment.

Specializing in the trading of recycled melee diamonds, estate and fine diamond jewelry, and certified diamonds, White Pine purchases unwanted and previously-owned natural recycled diamonds. These are then expertly remanufactured, adhering to GIA standards, into precision-calibrated diamond assortments distributed to jewelry retailers and designers across the US and Canada. All diamonds undergo testing using the De Beers Synth Detect machine, ensuring authenticity.

The company uses its recycled diamonds to create its Essential Diamond Jewelry collection, offering a range of diamond basics. Estate jewelry is procured from a wide array of industry sources, recycled, and sold to retailers nationwide.

White Pine provides comprehensive industry services including diamond recutting, sorting, CAD & custom work, jewelry setting, special orders, and diamond testing. It's a well-financed enterprise, esteemed for its consistent, professional service, and remarkable industry reputation.


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