Matt Cacioppo

  1. 5 Tips To Help Your Business Succeed Using Recycled Diamonds

    5 Things You Need To Know About The Recycled Diamond Business


    1.Never Turn Anyone Away

    Increase your profitability and offer your customers a complete range of products and services. If a consumer wants to sell you a diamond or diamond jewelry item but you're unsure of the value, White Pine's experts can assist you in providing a fair offer. If a customer is interested in sustainable options, know that White Pine is in stock and ready to ship recycled, remanufactured stones. Never turn away business because you're unsure about the recycled diamond space. 


    2. Demand For Sustainable Products Is Strong

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  2. Using the Melee Market to your Advantage


    Diamonds have been ‘traded’ for hundreds of years. In the early days, transactions were informal and not influenced by anything other than the buyer’s desire for the stone. However, industry stakeholders quickly realized that there was money to be made as the buying and selling of diamonds became more formalized and frequent. This realization resulted in the formation of the global diamond market, as it’s known today. On a broad scale, the global diamond market accounts for the trade of all diamonds, everything from top top quality to industrial quality diamond material used to produce tools and equipment. This article will examine a specific sector of the diamond trade, known as the melee market. The term “melee” refers to diamonds less than 0.20ct in weight, typically seen in jewelry pieces such as engagement rings, wedding bands, tennis bracelets, and fashion jewelry. Any stones used in jewelry aside from the ‘center stone’ are known as ‘melee

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  3. Melee on Demand | The Alt-Bridal Trend

    With the rise of millennials came the rise of alternative and quirky bridal trends, jewelry included. Alternative bridal designs offer a certain uniqueness that is appealing to young consumers. These brides no longer want a 2 carat engagement ring. In fact, some don’t want a diamond at all! Wearing unique settings, diamond bands, or gemstone rings has become an option for those brides that either want to stand out from their peers or those that would rather spend that money elsewhere, like on a honeymoon or a home.

    In a time where being socially conscious and politically aware has become trendy, today’s brides have also begun to take a company’s sustainability and social responsibility practices into consideration when choosing a ring. We now see brands like Brilliant Earth, Do Amore, Bario-Neal, Stone & Strand, and so many more creating sustainable jewelry, and thanks to social media it has never been easier for these brands to target mille

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