Matt Cacioppo

Matt Cacioppo
Matt Cacioppo
Vice President

Matt is an expert in the recycled diamond industry. He has experience of all aspects of the diamond industry dating back to 2016, including content creation, sales, certified diamonds, melee, marketing and trade shows. Matt has been instrumental in the operation and development of the Melee-On-Demand division within White Pine Wholesale. He now runs the Inside Sales function working with wholesalers, retailers, pawnbrokers and jewelry designers/brands. Matt is considered an expert in the industry and regularly provides insights and information across a wide range of diamond and jewelry topics.


  1. Read 5 Ways to Maximize Your Diamond Melee Buys

    5 Ways To Maximize Your Diamond Melee Buys


    Exciting News for Jewelry Businesses!

    We're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with INSTORE Magazine !

    Dive into our feature article "5 Ways to Maximize Your Diamond Melee Buys" and discover invaluable insights for your business.

    Read The Article Here.

    In this piece, we delve into effective strategies for purchasing diamond melee, ensuring you get the best value and quality for your inventory.

    Whether you're a seasoned jeweler or new to the industry, these tips are designed to elevate your purchasing process and enhance your offerings.

    We're passionate about empowering jewelers and businesses in the diamond industry with knowledge

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  2. The Process Of Selling Estate Jewelry Can Be An Emotional One

    The Process Of Selling Estate Jewelry Can Be An Emotional One 


    Selling inherited estate jewelry often carries a deep emotional weight. These pieces are not merely assets; they are tangible connections to loved ones and carriers of personal and family histories. When individuals decide to sell such items, they seek not just a buyer, but a custodian who recognizes their intrinsic and historical value.

    Companies like White Pine Wholesale specialize in this sensitive and nuanced process. They stand out for their ability to blend professionalism with empathy. Understanding the emotional significance of these transactions, they engage with sellers in a manner that respects the sentimental value of each piece. This empathetic approach is particularly important when dealing with items that have been in a family for generations, often passed down as cherished heirlooms.

    The assessment process at White Pine Wholesale is thorough and respectful. It involves

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  3. How to Order Melee Diamonds: A Comprehensive Guide

    How To Order Melee Diamonds: A Comprehensive Guide


    Understanding the Essence of Melee Diamonds

    Melee diamonds are small, yet sparkling diamonds that play a crucial role in the jewelry industry. Often used to accentuate larger stones or create intricate designs, these diamonds are valued for their versatility and brilliance. Understanding their characteristics and how to order them can significantly enhance the quality and appeal of your jewelry pieces.


    The Ethical and Sustainable Choice

    In today's environmentally conscious world, it is essential to prioritize sustainability. Our melee diamonds stand out as they are recycled diamonds, promoting an eco-friendly approach to luxury. By choosing our recycled melee diamonds, you not only get exquisite quality

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  4. The Process Of Recycling Diamonds


    The Process Of Recycling Diamonds

    The global diamond industry is transforming, embracing sustainability like never before. While the end consumer is most concerned about the "Four Cs"—carat, color, clarity, and cut—jewelry companies are now incorporating a fifth "C" into the equation: Circular Economy. By strategically recycling diamonds, companies can adhere to sustainable practices while providing high-quality stones to customers. In this article, we delve into the intricate process of diamond recycling, which is pivotal for environmentally conscious and cost-effective B2B operations.


    The Recycling Process: A Detailed Breakdown

    The first step involves purchasing mixed diamonds, often sourced from melt or scrap jewelry. It's crucial to point out that diamond, being the hardest substance known to man, remains unaffected by

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  5. Shop The Summer Melee Clearance Sale

    Shop The Summer Melee Clearance Sale - 15% OFF

    Extended To October 8th

    As the Holidays approach we are presenting our Melee Clearance Sale so you can access diamond production inventory for less and make more margin on seasonal sales. The sale ends on October 8th, so shop now and take advantage of the deals while stocks last! We have just added 3.3mm, 3.4mm, and 3.5mm in SI1 and SI2 to the sale.

    To qualify for our promo pricing, all you need to do is meet our minimum total order size of 1ct.

    Order online by selecting the specifications you require or speak to an expert by calling 646

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  6. The Natural Recycled Diamond Quarterly Market Report - Q2, 2023 Released


    The Natural Recycled Diamond Quarterly Market Report - Q2, 2023


    An Analytical Look At The Recycled Diamond Market


    The recent report by White Pine provides an in-depth examination of the diamond industry's evolving landscape, focusing primarily on the rise of recycled diamonds in response to increasing demands for sustainable sources. These diamonds, characterized by their sustainable resourcing, represent a potential solution to the industry's environmental concerns.

    The introduction of lab-grown diamonds into the market has complicated the narrative. While touted as economically efficient and environmentally friendly, they lack the intrinsic rarity associated with

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  7. How to Sell a GIA Diamond Successfully: A Comprehensive Guide


    How to Sell a GIA Diamond Successfully: A Comprehensive Guide


    Introduction: An In-Depth Look at GIA Diamonds

    Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds are symbols of quality, assurance, and trust in the jewelry market.


    What Makes GIA Certification Special?

    Certification might sound like a bureaucratic term, but in the diamond world, they are a gold standard. Here's why:

    - Authenticity: It verifies the diamond's natural origin or lab-grown origin. 

    - Quality Assurance: It grades the diamond on globally recognized standards.

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  8. Why Customers Love Buying Estate Jewelry


    Why Customers Love Buying Estate Jewelry



    Estate jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its timeless appeal and rich history, estate jewelry has captured the attention and admiration of customers worldwide. In this article, we will explore the reasons why customers love buying estate jewelry.


    Historical Significance and Unique Stories

    Estate jewelry carries a sense of history and authenticity that captivates customers. Each piece has its own story, connecting the present to the past. Whether it's a vintage engagement ring that witnessed a love story unfold or a necklace that has been passed down through generations, estate jewelry holds sentimental value and represents

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  9. Places That Buy Larger, Expensive Diamonds: A Comprehensive Guide


    Places That Buy Larger, Expensive Diamonds:

    A Comprehensive Guide



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  10. 4 Of The Biggest Pain Points For Independent Jewelry Retailers


    4 Of The Biggest Pain Points For Independent Jewelery Retailers


    In the dynamic landscape of retail, independent jewelry retailers face unique challenges that can often feel overwhelming. These obstacles, often referred to as "pain points," hold the potential to critically impact the trajectory of a retail business. Conscious of this, we have pinpointed four of the most frequently mentioned pain points. Our objective is to provide some understanding of these issues and introduce you to our solutions designed to help you address these challenges more proficiently.



    PROBLEM: "There are too many suppliers and vendors I have to

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