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Recycled Diamond & Diamond Jewelry Quarterly Market Reports

Q2, 2022

Q2, 2022 Recycled Diamond Report


Moving forward under dark clouds...

Reading the news is a scary pastime. There is a constant cycle of bad news and extreme claims. If I was looking to sell a blog I would title it “Diamond Industry under threat, as dark clouds approach!”.

However, I’m not looking to sell a blog and the way that it looks to me, is that we may be through the worst of the diamond price downturn. This view is not guaranteed and a negative viewpoint is usually perceived as being a more intelligent viewpoint, so it is a somewhat risky opinion.

However, it is, in my view, that the most likely scenario at this time, (maybe a 52% chance), is that we are through the worst of the current downturn and that diamond prices will pick up from the end of September through to the first quarter of next year.

I hope that you enjoy our quarterly market report and its insights. 

Benajmin Burne, CEO White Pine Wholesale

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