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Recycled Diamond & Diamond Jewelry Quarterly Market Reports

Q3, 2021

Welcome to the White Pine Quarterly Recycled Diamond & Jewelry Report. The purpose of this report is to give insight and visibility into the world of diamond recycling. 

2020 was a year like no other. The global pandemic created supply disruption on one side and enhanced jewelry demand on the other, causing all of us to question our sourcing and bringing alternative sources to the forefront. In addition, environmental concerns and the enhanced politicization of these issues has focused attention on the circular economy. The resale revolution is ongoing and companies are plowing ahead with marketplaces in the luxury sector, but an equally important facet of the circular economy is materials recycling, a form of upcycling. 

Not enough attention is being brought to recycling in the diamond industry, even though it has been going on behind the scenes for centuries. This report will shine a spotlight on recycling and provide important insights that will allow you to scale up the use of recycled diamonds within your business. 

We are always interested to hear from anyone and everyone who operates in the recycled diamond business, please feel free to contact us with your insights and anecdotes or simply to discuss an area of common interest. 

Enjoy the first recycled diamond & jewelry report!


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