Estate Jewelry

Your Most Frequently Asked Jewelry Questions Answered 

We recently updated our jewelry FAQs regarding our products, services and expertise.  Here they are in one place,  reach out to us at with any questions you might have. 


Jewelry FAQ's


1. Where Can I See Your Jewelry Inventory?

On our website! View the latest acquisitions and closeout jewelry in the Estate & One-of-a-Kind section and our line of essential diamond jewelry in the Essential Diamond Jewelry section. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with of our sales reps who will visit you in person or make a virtual appointment by emailing us at


2. Are The Prices Available Online?

Yes. You must create an account, which can easily be done by providing your name, phone #, email, and business name to access prices online.


3. Where Does Your Jewelry Come From?

Our estate and one of a kind jewelry comes from manufacturer closeouts and consumer buyback from retailers, jewelry auctions, and estates. Our essential diamond jewelry line is manufactured locally in New York using recycled diamonds.


Jewelry Production FAQs:

1. What Setting Types Can You Do?

Split prong, Prong, Bezel, Channel, Pave.


2. How Long Does Production Take?

Once the CAD is complete, production usually takes 7-10 days. This includes casting, polishing, setting and finishing.


3. Can I Get An Estimate?

Yes, we can provide a detailed estimate in advance of production.


4. Do You Warrantee Your Production Work?

Yes, all production work is warranteed 1 year from delivery.


Jewelry Repairs FAQs:

1. What Kinds Of Repairs Do You Offer?

We offer stone setting/replacement, ring resizing, polishing and finishing..


2. How Long Do Repairs Take?

Up to 1 business week. We generally say expect your jobs to be completed within 1 week of White Pine receiving your item(s) for repairs/setting.


3. Can You Warrantee Your Repair Work?

Unfortunately, not. Repairing other people’s production is very tricky, we can not be responsible for the original makers poor craftsmanship. For this reason, we can only be responsible for the specific work that we do. So, for example if we re-attach a chain, we can not be then responsible if a stone falls out at a later date. In addition, if we work on something it is very possible that additional problems are found.




1. What Do I Need To Provide To Get The Process Started?

Provide White Pine with either a replica image, sketch, or detailed description of the piece you’re trying to create. You can email us at


2. How Long Do CADs Take?

It can take 3-5 days to receive your CAD and an additional 10-14 days once the CAD is approved for you to receive the finished product. Very complex pieces can take longer, but we can discuss this in advance of the project.


3. What Kinds Of Items Can You Make With Our CAD Services?

Engagement Rings, Bands, Pendants, Earrings, Complex pieces – we can make complex pieces with custom designs.