Loose Diamonds FAQs

Your Most Frequently Asked Diamond Questions Answered 

We thought it would be a great time to update our FAQs with questions specifically about our diamonds products and service. So here they are and reach out to us at info@whitepinediamonds.com with more questions. 


1. Where Do Your Recycled Diamonds Come From?

We exclusively buy our goods from the trade. We buy from pawnshops, retailers, diamond dealers, and manufacturers. We do on occasion buy goods from the market to fill in if we are short supply in certain areas from trusted, ethically sourced diamond companies.


2. What Are Your Diamond Makes Like?

Consistency and quality of our recycled diamonds is one of our main priorities and why our customer base remains loyal. Our recycled diamonds are exactly as advertised. We categorize our diamonds as Very Good to Excellent makes. The way maintain this standard is by recutting as many of the diamonds we purchase as possible at our factory before putting it into our stock. This process allows our customers to receive top quality recycled diamonds.


3. What Color Are Your Diamonds?

Our melee diamond price card is for G/H color diamonds. We are very selective in the diamonds used in our melee program. If you need higher or lower colors we can accommodate that request upon request. DEF color would be a 10% premium higher than the prices on the price card, and IJ color is a 10% discount from the prices on the price card.


4. How Do I Know Your Diamonds Are Natural And Not Lab-Grown?

As a recycler of natural diamonds, we take the utmost care and time to thoroughly test all of our diamonds. We do this using the DeBeers Synth Detect machine. Each parcel of diamonds goes through several checks before ever being put into stock. We check all parcels before purchasing, when they return from being recut, and when we get returns from customers. We stand by our product and go the extra mile to ensure that our diamonds are 100% natural.


5. Why Is There A Premium Charged For Ordering Matched Millimeters In The Pointers (1/5ths And Larger)? 

We charge a 5% premium for ordering 5 or more stones with matching millimeters in our 1/5th size parcels and larger. The reason being is that most people tend to order the prime sizes in a parcel, which generally speaking are the larger millimeter and higher carat weight stones in that size range, which have value than the smaller stones.

When we are buying pointers by size range, they come in a variety of millimeter sizes and weights (i.e 1/5s range from 0.17cts-0.22cts). Each size range has “prime sizes” and “off sizes”. We will sell through the prime sizes of the parcel and be left with the off sizes of the parcel. In order to clear out our stock and make room for new fresh goods, we will sell these off sizes at an extremely competitive price, usually for a loss. To balance out the cost of the parcel, this is why we charge a premium for 5 or more diamonds with matching millimeters in the pointers.


6. Where Can I Find Your Melee Prices? 

You can email orders@whitepinediamonds.com to request a price card, or you can visit our website and see our melee price card under the melee diamonds section of the diamonds tab or click here.


7. Are All Of Your Diamonds Recycled? 

Almost all orders are fulfilled using recycled diamonds. We repurpose as much of the diamonds that we buy as we can in our melee stock and jewelry production. There are exceptional circumstances where we must fill in from the market for special orders or requests. We offer customers who exclusively require recycled diamonds the option to do so.


8. Do You Only Have Rounds, Or Do You Offer Fancy Shapes? 

We offer several different fancy shapes including princess cuts, marquise, tapered and straight baguettes, ovals, emeralds, and pear shapes.  We also have a great selection of matched fancy pairs that make perfect side stones for custom rings or pair of earrings – shapes include half-moons, trapezoids, bullets, kites, pears, emeralds, radiants, ovals, pie slices, and baguettes.


9. Do You Have Any Minimum Order Requirements? 

No – whether you need 1 stone or 1000 stones, you can order the exact number of diamonds you need for your project and production.


10. What Labs Are Your Certified Diamonds?

All of the certified diamonds we offer are certified from GIA.


11. How Long Am I Allowed To Work With The Diamond?

We allow customers to work with certified stones on a 7 day memo.


12. What Payment Terms Do You Offer?

We offer a 3% discount for COD payment or Net 30 days.