4 Tips To Receive  The Highest Price for Your Melee Diamonds

4 Tips To Receive

The Highest Price for Your Melee Diamonds

Bill Norton, our Vice President Of Diamond Operations has over 25 years experience in the recycled diamond industry. He has a wealth of knowledge in diamond purchasing and sales, so we asked him to share his tips on how to maximize the value of melee when you come to sell all or part of your diamond inventory. 


1. Clean Your Diamonds

Cleaning makes it easier to determine, the color and clarities of your stock. Boiling diamonds in acid works best. If boiling is not an option, you can simply get a bowl of warm/hot water and household detergent, then scrub, removing any dirt or build up that may have accumulated. 


2. Separate Out Fancy Shapes

Round and fancy shapes have different price points and different markets, so its important to separate these out and bag similar shaped stones. This way you will get a specific offer rather than an offer on a mixed assortment. Generally when selling melee of like size and quality, rounds will get a higher price than fancy shapes.


3. Remove CZ

CZ (cubic zirconia) is easy to spot and is worthless. Take your stones and submerge them in water. CZ will normally float to the surface and this can be removed when you prepare your stocks for sale.  Buyers will offer you a higher price per carat if there is no CZ present. Boiling the diamonds in acid, if available, will also frost out all CZ and make it easy to sort.


4. Separate Out All Stones Above 0.2 ct

Again this tip should yield you better returns when you make a sale. There is a big price cliff at the 0.20 ct barrier. By separating out the larger stones you won't have to accept mixed lot pricing and will instead get an enhanced offer for the larger carat parcels based on a higher price per carat calculation.


Looking To Sell?

We can help you with any questions that you might have and we can also make you a offer for your melee. Email buying@whitepinediamonds.com or call 646 569 3675 to learn more. You can sell melee online here.