Recycled Diamonds

5 Things You Need To Know About The Recycled Diamond Business


1.Never Turn Anyone Away

Increase your profitability and offer your customers a complete range of products and services. If a consumer wants to sell you a diamond or diamond jewelry item but you're unsure of the value, White Pine's experts can assist you in providing a fair offer. If a customer is interested in sustainable options, know that White Pine is in stock and ready to ship recycled, remanufactured stones. Never turn away business because you're unsure about the recycled diamond space. 


2. Demand For Sustainable Products Is Strong

Consumer demand for socially responsible and sustainable products is greater than ever and growing. Offering recycled diamonds not only allows your business to advertise as sustainable, but helps improve your margins so you stop paying larger premiums on new manufactured goods. 


3.Designer Names Aren't Everything

Buy gold and diamonds at commodity value. When buying with intent to recycle and re-purpose, look at the true value of the materials and diamonds rather than the name stamped on the piece. 


4. Grade Conservatively

Particularly when buying diamonds in mountings be careful with your grades. Prongs can hide inclusions and color grades can be influenced by the mounting. Make sure to grade conservatively and assume a color/clarity lower than what the diamond appears as in the mounting. 


5.Don't Ignore Lower Priced Diamonds

Melee has seen strong price increases, particularly in the smaller sizes and lower qualities. Get capital from the melee you purchase from consumers or by selling excess stocks. White Pine is paying more than ever for loose diamonds and breakout.